Monday, March 2, 2015

TRC, Betas, and the Meaning of Life...

(yay for incredibly melodramatic titles, right?)

I've been thinking.

A lot.

(Also not posting, for which I apologize. I had an accelerated college course this month, but I have survived and am back in the land of the living. I also know psychology now. Call me a therapist if you feel like it. XD )

I've been thinking about meaningful living... I've been thinking about my hopes and dreams and what I'm gonna do for college and what I'm gonna do for, you know, life.

And I realized that I really do want to throw my whole heart into whatever chance I've got at being published. I mean, responsibility is taking priority. But I'm still writing, and still trying really hard to put my best forward.

But publishers are picky. Not just about how well you write, but about copyrights.

To get to the point, a publisher isn't gonna want to throw their money heart into a book that's already been "published" online.

On a blog.

I thought a lot about this, and I think I have to give this story it's best shot. (also, I do say "think" quite a lot, don't I?) But I also desperately love you guys and have basically promised you this story, so here's my idea...

Every writer needs betas, right? Or, more accurately, Alphas.

SO. If you'd like to continue reading the Resistance Chronicles, you can most certainly do so as a beta. This won't get me in trouble for copy rights, and will basically mean you are getting the first peek at what I hope will one day be a published novel. I only ask that you give me one criticism for each part..... which will make the whole beta thing more official and will help me a ton.

If you'd like to Beta for me, you can email me here:
Or send a message to this facebook page
Or Google plus me.
If you'd like me to send you the docs by email, give me your email. (I'm not creepy. Promise. XD)
And if you'd like me to just message you links, go ahead and tell me what website works best. I can do Facebook or Google +.

Since I won't be posting the next story and I don't expect all of you to want to be a beta reader.... here are some pictures. Spoilers ahead, darlings.

Winter is more than a season.
There will be some shipping.
And some heartbreak.

So, to conclude this post, I want to thank all of you for motivating me and giving me the encouragement I needed to really pursue writing. It's something I've always enjoyed, but now it's a passion, too, and that's kinda amazing. XD