About the Author


I'm Morgan, and if you're here, it's probably because I not-so-casually mentioned I like writing and have a blog, and you decided to check it out.

But, in the case that you do not know me...

This is me. These are some things I love:

1. God. What matters most in my life is drawing closer to Him. Now, that may be easier said than done, but I have a lot of growing to do yet.

2. Science. I'm a Biopsychology major, and that's heavily rooted in science. It's a lifelong love. Expect the nerd to come out occasionally.

3. Psychology. Yeah, I am in Biopsychology for a reason. I have yet to have a solid ten year plan for my life, but I know what I want to do: help people battling their own minds. Anxiety, depression, disorders-- there is hope. (Also, I am a student. Nothing I say holds the weight of what your therapist or psychiatrist could tell you. This also serves as a trigger warning- I will be talking about psychological issues here.)

4. Writing. I'm a novelist, and I'd love to one day be an author. Words mean the world to me, and I swear I've learned more from being a writer than I can ever hope to communicate through my writing. Maybe I'll get lucky and a little encouragement will slip through. (But, let's be honest. I just want to make you cry.)

Now, I'm an ENFP, and if you've ever met one of my kind before, you know we love to talk about what we love, and we tend to do so sporadically. So expect all of the above ^^^.This is my attempt at exercising my weak J side, but hey, I might be able to fall into a regulation. Basically, this blog is a forum for books and faith related posts, and I hope that you'll either like one or the other, or both!