Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Awesome artists you need to know about....

Have you ever come across something and thought... How have I missed out on this my whole life?

Here's Five artists I think are pretty cool. My tastes in music vary, so if you don't like one, try the rest. There's probably something there for you.

1. Break of Reality. They are a cello rock band with a drum-set. I don't like everything they put out, but "solid ground" and "spectrum of the sky" are pretty good. I'm sort of obsessed with cellos, and I like to play these songs when I need to get motivated or (ironically) calm down.

2. Helen Jane Long. She's a Brit who specializes in piano/cello/violin arrangements that are beautiful and soothing. She is fairly repetitive, so her music is great to fall asleep to, but her sheet music needs to be cut down before it's as pleasant as the tracks. "Expression" is the best.

3. Brian Crain. My absolute favorite piano composer, Brian Crain is expressive, uplifting, and inspiring. My favorite is "Song for Rome," which involves strings and brass as well. "Butterfly Waltz" is a popular song used in weddings.

4. Elijah Bossenbroek. There comes a time in you life when you think you've seen the best of what's out there-- and then you find this guy, Seriously. "I give up" is one of the most beautiful, exciting, dramatic piano pieces I know of. 

5. Lights and Motion. This guy is amazing: he makes music that is  layers on layers of different instruments that sounds crazy good. He is a master at the emotional build up and each song takes you on an adventure into the unknown, Love his stuff. :) Just give "Aerials" a try! :)

What's your favorite lesser known artist? Did you know any of these already? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!!