Saturday, January 10, 2015

Character Interview: Zayla, from The Resistance Chronicles

Hello my peoples!

So I have seen a bunch of people do this and I really want to now.
So I am going to . Simple as that.
What is this, you might ask?



You ask questions to my babies, and I interview them with those questions. I'll throw in some of my own, just to fill it out a bit.

The first character I want to interview is Zayla, from TRC. Partially because I have writer's block with her and partially because she is where TRC came from!

If you aren't familiar with her, Zayla is one of the four main characters of The Resistance Chronicles. At seventeen, she is new to the Resistance, and is still learning how to stretch her wings, let alone fly. But she'll learn with time. She suffers from panic disorder and social anxiety, which are making her transition difficult, not to mention problems with her family.
However, she's learning new things, too. With her falcon, Kiara, and her new bow, she's ready-- sort of -- to face whatever creatures Ferucil throws at her.

Feel free to ask her anything about herself, Thera or the Resistance.
(Actually don't just Feel Free, PLEASE ask her anything that comes to mind. XD)

As always, thanks for reading!!