Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Favorite Movie Soundtracks

I love movies.

Is that so bad? I love stories, I love special effects... but most of all I love the way music plays a part.
It's not that I prefer movies to reading. And I definitely agree that the book is always better than the movie, but in a movie you get a soaring soundtrack that carries you through the story.... its magical.

I love all music, but movie soundtracks are special. They are meant to take you on an exciting journey or an emotional release.

Here are my top 5 favorites:
Note: I don't necessarily condone the messages of each movie in its entirety, but each soundtrack has beautiful pieces. Asterisked pieces are my top favorite tracks.
Note: I am leaving out some great soundtracks by limiting this to Movies. Maybe that's another post?
Rather not read the whole thing? Check out my playlist on youtube:

5-  The Host
             -The string ensemble part of this soundtrack is nothing short of Amazing.
             -The song that made me love this soundtrack is "Into the Cave."

4-  X-Men: First Class
              - Soaring string and brass ensembles and epicness throughout.
              -Tracks 1(First Class*) and 7 (Cerebro) are especially good.

3-  Percy Jackson (Sea of Monsters)
         -This soundtrack is as action packed as the movie.
              -The best songs are 1. (Main Titles*), and 15. (Thank You Brother)

2-  Ender's Game
              - This soundtrack is diverse and so beautiful. I fell in love with the solo cello and violin parts first, and then the emotional awesomeness of the whole soundtrack.
              - Tracks 1(Ender's Promise), 5 (The Battle Room*), and 7(Salamander Battle) are my favorites.

1-  How to Train Your Dragon

             - Part of the reason I love this soundtrack is that I love the movie. It's overwhelmingly cute, and incredibly detailed(the animation).
             - It's Celtic feel combined with fast paced strings and booming brass makes it absolutely amazing. :)
             - Track 1 (This is Berk*) sums up all of the songs in one. Track 15 (Romantic Flight) is unique from the rest and very beautiful. Tracks 10 and eleven (See you tomorrow and test drive) are amazing as well!