Thursday, June 19, 2014

The ACT... and what not to do the day it comes.

So whenever my family sets out to do something it never quite works out as planned....

The ACT had finally arrived. I had studied like crazy, trying to cram math information into my brain before I took the test that could very well determine my future.

Yeah.  A bit melodramatic, I know.

Since I live about 3 hours away from the high-school I would be testing at, we decided to get a hotel that was only about 7 minutes from the testing center.

I used a pillowcase as my travel bag.
It's something I've NEVER done before but I figured: It's just an overnight, it won't be a problem.


When I got ready that morning somehow water went across the hotel floor from the shower to my bag and totally soaked through my jeans.

And I purposely only packed one pair of pants, thinking again: it won't be a problem.

So after blow drying my jeans for 15 minutes, I left the building still wet. When we arrived at the high-school, there were about 100 teens lined up outside the door, waiting in line. The whole system was so strange to me... Go inside, find your name, and ask where the room was. That wouldn't have been such a problem if there wasn't what I'm guessing was roughly 200 names to sort through.

There's another problem with taking the ACT in a HUGE highschool.

You only get a 10 minute snack/bathroom break..... and there are only 3-4 stalls and like 20 kids in line. By the time I finally got my turn, I got a stall that had no toilet paper.

And there's no soap. XD

After the test is done we take the writing test, which actually went very well. But we all got dismissed half an hour early. I should have seen that coming, since we finished early the first time I took the ACT, but I figured with the writing test as well we would use up the time.

And my mom had her phone in the car because she was dropping off my sister's friend at her house.

So the football stadium is blaring rap music before the last game of the season, and then some little kid butchers the national anthem on a loudspeaker... bless her heart.... and I wait.

BUT... the test itself was great. Hard, but without event. XD

And it was all okay in the end because I got to go to a Scooter dealer nearby and look at Vespas-- my dream vehicle. :D