Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NEW CAST of Characters....

I've officially started a new series of short stories that, for now, I am calling the Resistance Chronicles.

It's allegorical, centering on four characters that each have their own struggles and strengths, and focuses on real world problems put in a dystopian setting.

But that's the boring part. You want to see the fun part.

Here we go!!

This is Zayla, the newest recruit for the Resistance. She struggles with anxiety on a day to day-- rather, a moment to moment basis. But when she can move past her fear-- she's really one of the bravest, most loyal people around.

This is Keiko. He's pretty awesome. :) Deaf since he was little, Kei has become a proficient lip reader, but depends on Alyssa to speak for him most of the time. He spends a lot of time in thought, and has a unique perspective on life. When he does speak, everyone listens.

Meet the aforementioned Alyssa. She's confident, candor, and competitive; but she tends to be excessive in all of those things. She's a fluent translator and best friend to Keiko, and a good friend to have. But underneath her pride-- she's just a girl longing for true security.

This is Cameron. If you look up "kind" in a dictionary, his picture is in the margin. He genuinely cares about each member of his group, and those outside of it. He's in training to be a leader-- but sometimes he doubts: not just if he's cut out for the job, but if he really has faith in the Resistance at all.

Thanks for reading! I'm super excited to share these guys with you, and even more excited to share my first story in the series. Keep an eye out... it's "coming soon to a blog near you!"

(the story: Part One, Conversion)