Saturday, November 1, 2014

TRC: Sneak Peek for Part Two + Some Inspiration!


So I'm getting very close to releasing PART TWO of the Resistance Chronicles.

Sneak Peek of the Cover art!!!

And a snippet from the story:

“Just—tell me what happened, Zayla.”
        “It’s not like that,” she says, brusquely wiping at her face with the corner of her sleeve. “I expected them to treat me differently. But they hate me now. And Tristan—he feels like I abandoned him. Like I’m some kind of curse on the family or something.” She sits down on a bench and pulls her knees to her chin. “I can’t handle this.”
        “They don’t hate you, they just don’t understand,” I whisper, sitting down beside her. “It’ll get better with time.”
At least, that’s what I hope. Not every family has a happy ending. Alyssa’s didn’t. But we have to hope for the best. “And you’re strong. You can handle it.”

In the mean time, here's some picture inspiration for the series.

So anyway... check back next week for INITIATION, if you dare. XD

Leave me a Comment! What would you like to see from TRC?