Saturday, December 13, 2014

Officially Introducing: Gifted, a WIP

Before the Resistance Chronicels,
                  Before Zayla and Alyssa and Cameron and Keiko,
                               Before I ventured into the world of allegorical dystopian,

I had a few babies characters.

Today I am introducing my WIP, Gifted.
I can't give too many details, because I am currently revising and going crazy over this thing.

Like, really. I'm adding a whole other plot line and laughing at my past self that thought I would write a book and publish it and be done with it.


But I want to introduce you to the story a bit, so that you guys will know what I'm talking about when I mention Gifted.

So here's what's basically the back cover blurb.

Tessa Scott didn't ask to be special. 
She does her best to stay under the radar, but when her dad is taken by the Savet, the organization that rules over her race of genetically Gifted people, she has to face her greatest fears to get him back. 
But does retrieving her father have greater consequences than she had hoped? Will she ever live the life she's longed for?

The characters!!

Tessa Scott is the Main Character. Her genetics gave her heightened intelligence as well as enhanced versions of the five senses. And a few other things. You'll see. 
However, she's not supposed to use these abilities at all, lest someone find out about her race. So she has to hide, and in the end she's miserable. She can't pursue the things she's good at, but she can't really fit into the crowd either. As much as she loves some of the perks of being Gifted, she resents the life she has to live.
There you have her!

Ashton Ryndel-- 
Ash grew up in Foster care, hopping from house to house until the -- finally took him in for good. He's a feeler-- a deep feeler. He knows rejection all too well, but he still reaches out to others, again and again. He won't let any amount of ridicule (or even his own awkward quirks) keep him from doing what's right, especially if it involves someone he cares about.

(I hope whoever this really is never sees this. hahaha)

Ryleigh Sefton--
Ryleigh (don't call her Ry. Ever.) is a toughie. She's got walls built up like the Chinese. XD She needs those defense systems, though, to hold herself together. She comes to live with Ashton's family, but her secrets go deeper than Foster Care. 
Oh yes. Secrets everywhere.

This is fairly close to looking like her.

Zeke (He doesn't give out his last name)--
Oh, he comes in later, but I love him, so you get to meet him now.
Zeke shares Tessa's genetics (a part of the race), but his story's a little different. The Savet captured and killed his parents for betraying the council and refusing to follow their orders. (Well... his mom did kinda fall in love with their prisoner.) So now he lives alone, keeping a close eye on what the Savet is up to.

He's also sarcastic, overconfident, and strong. (In more ways than one.)

*flails because Zeke*
So there you have it: Gifted, my first novel. My main source of frustration. My baby. 

Would you be interested in reading more about it? What about character interviews?